Research directions (1969 – 2012):

  1. Optimization of epidemiological surveillance and control of communicable and non-communicable diseases.
  2. Epidemiology of nosocomial infections.
  3. Study and elaboration of new antibacterial and antifungal preparations  from local row materials.

Defended doctoral thesis:

1. Lungu Vera „Optimization of epidemiological surveillance of echinococcosis in the Republic of Moldova” 14.00.30 – Epidemiology. Doctoral thesis in medicine. Chisinau, 2013.


Ongoing doctoral theses:

  1. Baranetchi „Optimization of epidemiological surveillance of nosocomial purulent-septic  infections in Trauma and Orthopedics departments”.
  2. Berdeu Ion „Optimization of antimicrobial resistance in septic-purulent infections at the level of medical institution”.
  3. Gîrlea Aliona „Epidemiology of purulent-septic nosocomial infections in cardiosurgery”.
  4. Buga Maria „Epidemiology of stroke in the Republic of Moldova”.